SunLouvre® is a new concept, offering complete control over sunshine and rain. It is so versatile that it answers everyone’s needs; Hotels, Restaurants, Spas or, Private homes. SunLouvre® is built entirely with high quality aluminium so, no rust, no corrosion and low maintenance. We offer custom designed products in order to maximize your space.

With it’s simple mechanism and their reliable and easy-to-maneuver manual system, SunLouvre® transforms into a waterproof and robust roof cover, once the Aluminium Leaves are completely closed. The closed position of the Aluminium Leaves can also protect from the sun by allowing areas of shade. On the other hand, the Aluminium Leaves can be fully or, partially opened and easily adjusted to control the amount of light and ventilation required.

Sun Louvre is available in a range of powder coated colours and can be designed and installed as a free standing unit. It can also be attached to an existing structure or, building.