Shade Sail material is made from woven polyester fabric also known as Shade Cloth. It is a knitted construction allowing the Sail when properly designed, cut and sewn, to be stretched tight into position during installation without sagging. Shade Sails are low on maintenance, easy to clean and made to almost any design and shape. Shade Sails are available in a wide range of colours, for which we proudly hold the largest stock in Bali.

Shade Sails are attached to free standing uprights (usually steel posts) or, suitable existing structures using Stainless Steel 304 or, 316 fittings and therefore, do not require any form of structural roofing support. Shade Sail fixing points should ideally be set with two alternate heights, to ensure that the sail does not hold rainwater. Generally, a square or rectangular shaped Shade Sail will require two higher and two lower fixing points, with posts of equal height set at diagonally opposite corners. A triangular shaped Shade Sail will require at least one higher fixing point.

Sun Shade is very important to enjoy the outdoors in comfort. Shade Sails give up to 95% UV protection and Custom Shade Sails provide excellent Outdoor Shade over Decking, Patio, Swimming Pools, Kids Play Areas, Dining Areas or, anywhere requiring Exterior Shading.