Roller blinds are available in either manual or, motorised options. The operation can be Ball and Chain system for interior or, smaller external installations. Standard outdoor operations is usually with a Hand-Crank system.

Hardware for either system is usually factory finished in powder-coated white colour. The screens come in a wide variety of materials varying in texture, design and colours. Many material are available whether for sun shade or, black out applications.

For sunshade protection the screens used are fabricated from PVC coated woven polyester available in a variety of colours and weave ‘openness’. The more the open the weave is the higher ventilation experience, whilst smaller weave provides higher UV protection.

External Roller blinds will provide some rain and wind protection but, this will be limited due to the gaps between installations and natural movement of the screen in windy conditions. All units are custom made and are measured prior to manufacturing and installation. The Roller Blinds can be ‘locked’ in the Down position using small Karabiners attached to the bottom bar, which can be clipped-in to the floor hooks provided.

We also do: Track Guided Blinds, Storm Blinds, Monsoon Blinds, All-Weather Blinds.