Shade Sails

Old Man’s Bar, Canggu, is a hip beachfront beer garden near the dark sand coast of Batu Bolong, a nice place to chill in the afternoon, taking in the fabulous sunset experience. Perfect for hanging out with friends and to cool off during the day, with seating that ranges from benches to striped and colourful beanbags for lounging over its green lawn.

The requirement here was to provide the best shade protection from the sun whilst fitting in with the laid back vibe. Sails made from Shadecloth was selected as the perfect outdoor fabric choice for this location. Designed to breathe, it allows cooling breezes to flow through, significantly reducing temperatures beneath. The colour and design of the Shade Sails, fits in perfectly with the aesthetics of the property, being easy on the eye and providing that perfect shade for the guests chilling below.

Cover: Shade Cloth colour–Navy Blue (Quadilateral)/Fittings: Stainless Steel 316/Structure: Galvanized Steel Post colour–White